White wines of taste and character.

At Zimmermann Wine Estates in Krems Valley, everything revolves around white wine. Krems Valley is particularly renowned for the rainbow of variations obtainable with grüner veltliner grapes, and the noble distinctions inherent in riesling grapes. Nuances of the famous regional apricots and apples are detectable. Either a golden shimmer coruscates from the glass, or else the pale yellow of fresh straw. Relaxed, laid-back; or if you prefer, lively and titillating. Unbeatable accompaniments to enhance meat dishes or pasta. Each wine produced by Alois Zimmermann plays its own inimitable notes, radiates its own character. Apart from first-class grüner veltliner and riesling grapes from their respective vineyards, a bevy of other ideas are also brought to life. Seasonal specialties and culinary products amplify the assortment a further notch, generated from ever-changing inspirations. If there is one thing this wine estate has grasped – apart from creating outstanding wines – it is how to evolve with the march of time.


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