A wine estate with a history.

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Overseeing the vineyards in step with the advancing season, processing grapes meticulously, achieving quality in our wine cellar, and at the end of the journey holding first-class enjoyment in your glass, those are tasks which gaze back on a long tradition in the Zimmermann family. That fascination for wine has been handed on by Alois and Edeltraud Zimmermann to their son Alois Jr, who took over the reins of the operation in 2007 and has expanded it further. Following a harvest of experiences gained at national and international wine growing estates, enriched by worldly new perspectives, Alois Zimmermann returned to the family business. His recipe ever since then is clear: focus on honest quality; reinforce your intrinsic strengths.


Whoever knows how to savor life isn’t drinking wine, but tasting secrets.

“Each and every year’s vintage is distinct, tastes different. That is what makes a product of nature such as wine so exciting. Each grape variety receives through the terrain and the micro-climate of the vineyard its own unique spectrum of attributes. During vinification, I see my most important task in pinpointing, gathering, assembling all these special characteristics.”

Alois Zimmermann

Full concentration on the intrinsic strengths.

Sustainability – a strong bond with nature.

Refining and ennobling the treasures of the vineyard.

Each year’s vintage is distinct – tastes different.

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Experience, enthusiasm & cohesion

The bee-eater, a highly specialized hunter.


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